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About the Foundation

The Light of Asia Foundation is a non profit organization based in Sri Lanka focused on the advancement of Buddhism throughout the world through audio visual media. The Foundation was incorporated as a Charitable Trust with the primary objective of creating a Global Village called the “Center of Radiation" which will house several Academies for learning and research, and provide facilities to the following objectives of the Foundation.

Objectives of the Foundation

To create a GLOBAL VILLAGE, a living environment for the understanding and the practice of the philosophy of Buddhism by providing facilities for:

  • Development of spiritual upliftment to all its followers.
  • Preservation of the cultural heritage, traditional practices and maintaining its identity through the performing arts and crafts, stage and audio visual presentations.
  • Advancement of Buddhist Education and knowledge, and dissemination of such information to the global community through appropriate communication technology.
  • Protection of the bio diversity and promotion of environmental conservation, organic agriculture and related endeavours to create a serene atmosphere.
  • Enriching the wealth of human resources and the well-being of all its residents of the Global Village.
  • Provision of infrastructure facilities utilizing the available natural resources for sustainable development of the Global Village.


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